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Mar 6, 2013 9:55 PM

Elderly Lexington Man Dies From Hypothermia

Early Wednesday morning, salt truck workers found an elderly man unconscious on the side of the road in a Lexington neighborhood. The Fayette County Coroner says 87 year-old Arthur Wilson later died from hypothermia.

Tuesday night's snow was wet and heavy--it's believed Wilson may have walked into the storm. It wasn't until early the next morning that someone found him.

"He was far too gone, it was just very sad," says neighbor Bill Scott.

Around five Wednesday morning, Scott's doorbell rang. It was a city salt truck driver. Scott says the worker had found Wilson lying by Scott's mailbox, unresponsive, a pile of blankets in the street nearby. Scott says they brought Wilson inside, tried to warm him up, and called 911.

"But they said his core temperature was 77 degrees and there was just nothing they could do for him," Scott says.

Wilson died of hypothermia at St. Joseph's Hospital.

"I've been up and down all day long. I just almost break down at times, it's go through something like that... and Mrs. Wilson, I can tell you, she's in shock," says Scott.

He says it looked like Wilson had been outside at least an hour, that he was covered in snow. He says he's since learned Wilson has wandered away before:

"They knew this was a situation. He had Parkinson's disease and it was very advanced."

Emergency responders say in light of what happened, keep an eye on your loved ones, especially the elderly, and make sure they're dressed for the weather.

"If this had happened two or three days ago, he could have laid out there a couple hours and it wouldn't have been awful, but last night was just about the worst time you could possibly have," Scott says.

Wilson's funeral arrangements are pending.


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