Oct 19, 2011 7:19 PM by Bianca Spinosa

Elderly Woman Taken From Home After Being Found Living in Filthy Conditions

Authorities had to take an elderly Estill County woman from her own home after she was found living in filthy conditions at the hands of two men who had been acting as her caretakers. It happened at a home on Cressy Road in Estill County.

Thelma Boggs' close friends and neighbors are outraged at the conditions they say their dear friend, who is almost ninety years old, was living in for a little more than a month.

"[She] and I would switch flowers, and we both were dog lovers. we had a lot in common," says Wanda Stone.

Boggs' close friend, Wanda Stone will never forget the last time she saw her.

"She stayed twenty minutes with me. She wasn't the Mrs. Boggs that we knew. She was selecting her words very carefully," says Wanda Stone.

Social Services and the Estill County Sheriff's Department were called out to a home on Cressy Road where they found Boggs living in filthy conditions. Authorities even found human waste in her bedroom.

The Estill County Sheriff says two men had been Thelma Boggs' caretakers ever since Boggs' husband, a veteran, had died about 15 years ago.

"I guess after her husband died, I think they kind of came in and kept an eye on her, but she still lived alone there for a while, and then I think they moved in kept a closer eye on her," says Earl Stone, Wanda's husband.

"You don't think anything like this would happen to you or anyone you know," says Earl Stone.

The Estill County Sheriff says Social Services is in charge of handling the investigation, but we're told Boggs is safe and with family right now.

No charges have been filed.


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