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Jul 23, 2012 12:36 PM

Estill County Officials Concerned About Whooping Cough Outbreak

It has the potential to be deadly, and more and more cases of whooping cough are popping up everyday in Kentucky. It's gotten so serious in Estill County that health officials have put up big signs letting people know about the outbreak.

If you thought it was just a rumor, think again. Big signs have gone up all across Estill County letting folks here know about the whooping cough outbreak.

According to health officials there are already 20 confirmed cases in the county and probably several others they say unconfirmed. That is more than enough to get a lot of people to the health department to get a shot.

And make no mistake about it -- these people are not overreacting. The staff at the Estill County Health Department says they're already alarmed by the number of cases so far, and they're worried once school starts, it could be even worse.

Whooping cough is often the worst in the elderly and infants, which is when the it can do the most damage.

So the big question - what do you do if you think you or a loved one has whooping cough? the easy answer, See a doctor ASAP. There will also be some free vaccine clinics at the Estill County Health Department. The dates are July 25, 27 and 31. Contact the health department for time.

Usually whooping cough starts with a runny nose, and sometimes a fever. After those symptoms, the coughing starts.


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