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Apr 12, 2014 7:19 PM

Estill County Teen Left To Pay Funeral Expenses After Losing Both Parents

It's been a heartbreaking few weeks for an Estill County High School senior, who lost his father to cancer, then his mother in a car crash.

Joe Snowden's father died about two weeks ago. Snowden had set up a payment plan with the funeral home handling his father's arrangements. He hoped to have the cost paid off in a year.

The burden piled on for Snowden on Thursday, when his 39-year-old mother, Marinda Lewis died in a wreck on Furnace Junction in Estill County. State Police said Lewis lost control around a curve, hit an embankment, and was killed after being thrown from the vehicle.

The car Lewis was driving was Snowden's transportation to work and school, Brenda Davenport, a family friend, told LEX 18.

"Nobody should go through that. Let alone a child. It's just so sad," said Davenport. "Joe's a senior in high school and this is the time that they should be enjoying life. Senior trip, Prom, graduation."

Davenport added, "He quit playing ball to get a part time job. He helped his mother with living expenses, bills, just putting food on the table. He's a really good kid."

According to Davenport, the community has come together to help Snowden. His classmates have raised about $300. Family, friends, and co-workers have also turned to Facebook for fundraising ideas.

"You know, right now, we just want Joe focused on school and you know not the burden of trying to pay off all these bills," said Davenport. "We just need to reach out and be there for this young man. We need to let him know that there's still good in this world and that he's gonna be OK. And that people do care."

Donations to help Snowden can be made at Warren F. Toler Funeral Home in Irvine or at Estill County High School:

Attn: Jamie Day
397 Engineer Road
Irvine, KY 40336
Memo: For Joe Snowden


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