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Sep 24, 2012 12:01 AM by Josh Breslow

Exclusive: Powell County Man Accused Of Murdering Girlfriend Calls 911

Hear the audio Sunday Night on LEX 18 News After The Game.

It's an apparent murder confession that Powell County dispatchers weren't expecting.

State Police say Ralph Allyn, 66, called 911 on Sunday morning after shooting and killing his girlfriend, Barbara Martin, 64, in a home on Lower Cane Creek Road in Stanton.

LEX 18 exclusively obtained a copy of that chilling phone call.

Dispatcher: "What's going on?"
Caller: "I just shot my baby."

The man on the other end of the phone is frantic and, at first, dispatchers believe he shot an actual child.

Dispatcher: "Are you there? Is it breathing? Is your baby breathing?"
Caller: *inaudible*
Dispatcher: "Is it breathing? Where did you shoot her at? Where did you shoot her at?"
Caller: "I don't know."

Police identified the caller as Ralph Allyn, saying he confessed to dispatchers that he had just killed his girlfriend, Barbara Martin.

Dispatcher: "Hey, what's going on over there?"
Caller: "I don't know."
Dispatcher: "What...?"
Caller: "...shot my girlfriend."
Dispatcher: "You what?"
Caller: "I shot my girlfriend."
Dispatcher: "You shot your girlfriend?"
Caller: "Yes."

While the caller seems convinced the victim is dead, he doesn't seem to know why he did it.

Dispatcher: "And how come you shot her?"
Caller: "I don't know. I was..."
Dispatcher: "Can you go to the door?"

As cops surrounded the Stanton home, the dispatcher tries to convince Allyn to turn himself in.

Dispatcher: "You can't go to the door?"
Caller: "I can't."
Dispatcher: "You can go to the door. Everything's gonna be ok, but we need to get her help and we need to get you help, ok?"
Caller: *inaudible*
Dispatcher: "Ok?"
Caller: "Ok."
Dispatcher: "Can you do that for me? Can you go to the door for me?"
Caller: "Yes."

Shortly after the call, police say the suspect surrendered. He was arrested and charged with murder.

Neighbors told LEX 18 that the couple had been dating for at least a year.

Investigators said Martin was shot twice with a large calibur handgun. No word on a motive.


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