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Nov 12, 2012 5:11 PM

Fallen Soldier Scam

Many people reflected on the sacrifices of our veterans, but a Mt. Sterling woman put out a word of warning.

Someone is apparently trying to cash in using Montgomery County hero Dustin Gross' name. Jennifer Moyer says someone made a flyer asking people to donate $12.00 to the Dustin Gross Fund. The problem is, it didn't come from their organization.

Moyer says someone recently notified her that they received a letter in the mail. But the organization says they only operate through the media and the Operation Dustin Gross Facebook page.

Their organization collects donations so that they can put together care packages for Kentucky units serving overseas. Things like toiletries, non-perishable foods, snacks and DVD's and Cd's.

Dustin died in May of this year while serving in Afghanistan.

"It's sad that someone can take advantage of a good thing and turn it to evil. It breaks my heart that someone would do something like this," says Jennifer Moyer with Operation Dustin Gross.

So far, Moyer says she's only been contacted by a recipient of one of the letters, but that's not to say more weren't sent.


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