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Dec 28, 2012 10:22 PM

Family Continues Search For Missing Man On Laurel Lake

Nearly six months after Clarence Holmes went missing on Laurel Lake, his family is still searching for answers. The family said they won't give up until Clarence is home. At this point and time, the family said it's an open case that's at a stand still and they need your help to find out what happened.

On Laurel Lake crews begin their search this summer, for 32year old Clarence Holmes.

"If anybody out there can remember anything about July 5th, that might have been on the lake. The smallest thing might be the thing that helps us find him," stated the victim's aunt, Dena Newcomb.

Since Holmes disappearance family said clues and details haven't added up. Holmes was last seen leaving the Twin Coves marina at Laurel Lake around 3:30 in the afternoon. His abandoned boat was found more than five hours later on a small island not more than five minutes from the marina.

"His pontoon boat was sitting out there that whole time, other boats were passing by," stated Newcomb.

The victim's family is left asking if foul play is involved. Despite the challenges and obvious obstacles, Holmes loved ones continue to search.

"We've been taking a mining camera down and dropping it into the trees, at first we thought he might have hit the bottom, so we were dropping it down to the bottom of the trees. There is a forest of underwater trees, about 80 feet tall after you get about 100 feet down in the water is when you start hitting the trees," explained Newcomb.

Professional dive teams have also combed the lake searching for Holmes, but that's not all. Holmes aunt, Dena Newcomb, even contacted Dr. Ballard, the man who discovered the Titanic's wreckage in 1985, in hopes of help. Newcomb also got a hold of a Marine Biologist specializing in missing person cases. As the victim's parents wait for answers, extended family can only offer their support.

"I see that father in my mind, when he is an old man out there in a paddle boat trying to find that boy. Just thinking that he is there," said Peggy Wooton, the victim's grandmother.

The family said they won't stop searching till Clarence is home.

If you're hoping to follow the family in their search, or help, you can do so on facebook. The page is "Come Home Clarence".


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