Mar 4, 2013 11:30 PM

Family Is Homeless In Anderson Co. After Trailer Burns

A family of seven is homeless after their trailer in Anderson County burned down.

Tim Perry lived in the trailer on Glensboro Road for 18 years. He's collected nearly two decades of memories, and now everything is gone.

"I didn't know what to think. Terrible thing," Perry says, looking at his burned out home.

Firefighters put out hotspots, while Perry and his family try to come to grips with what happened. Seven of them lived in that trailer: Perry's two sons, daughter-in-law Whitney Brock, and her three kids, Perry's grandchildren, all under the age of five.

"Got to be calm for my family. That's all I can do," Perry says.

They have no idea how the fire started. No one was home. Perry's son, who used to be an Anderson County firefighter, called with the news.

"He called me and told me, you better get home because everything you have is gone," Perry says.

"We thought he might have been joking with us, we had no idea. It's just hard to believe, it really is," Brock says.

Only two walls of the double wide still stand. Baby pictures, clothes, electronics: everything was destroyed.
Perry's family says they'll stay with relatives until they can get back on their feet, and find a new place to live.

The Anderson County fire chief says investigators will be back to the scene tomorrow morning to try to find out what started the fire.


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