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Nov 12, 2012 5:26 PM by Josh Breslow

Family Mourns Murdered Knox County Soldier

Three men are accused of murdering a young Knox County soldier, who recently served overseas in Iraq.

The body of Jonathan "Ryan" Foley, 26, was found Sunday night in an abandoned strip mine near the Trosper community.

"I just miss him real bad," said Greg Foley, the victim's brother. "It's just hard right now. I just keep picturing him in my mind. It's hard to sleep."

The 26-year-old was last seen Tuesday, when his family said he left home to get gas, but never returned. Shortly after Foley's disappearance, his pickup turned up in a Barbourville factory parking lot, covered in mud.

"It's been real hard on me because he's my baby brother," Foley said. "His birthday was the 9th. He'd been 27. He didn't make it."

Greg Foley went on to say the family is thankful for the three arrests made in the investigation. John Chris Mills, George Marcum, and James Wyatt are all charged with Foley's murder.

"They murdered him. They need to pay for it. And I mean, they took a man's life. They need to get their life took from them," said Foley.

An autopsy was performed Monday morning on Jonathan "Ryan" Foley. Investigators have not released a preliminary cause of death or a motive for the crime.

All three murder suspects declined to talk to LEX 18 from the Knox County Jail.


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