Apr 5, 2013 7:34 PM

Family Of Lexington Businessman Killed in Jamaica Still Trying To Get Justice

Two years after former Lexington businessman Roy Stout was hit and killed by a car while walking with his girlfriend in Jamaica, his family says the legal case against the driver is stalling.

Roy Stout and his girlfriend, Cheryl Gillenwater, were both hit by a car while walking on the street in Negril, Jamaica in February 2011. The street had no sidewalks and the impact killed Roy. Years later, thanks to rehab and four surgeries, Cheryl is able to walk, but with difficulty and pain.

"I'm better," says Gillenwater. "I'm walking, but not well. I'm getting there."

Gillenwater is improving, but their quest for justice is stalling.

"We thought it was an open and shut case. In the United States it is. But we just didn't know we were dealing with Jamaica," says Jerry Stout, Roy's brother who runs Stout Printing in Lexington.

Maurice James of Jamaica was charged with vehicular manslaughter and DUI, but Jerry Stout has learned from the U.S. Embassy that James barely served any time in jail. He also says he's told the case against James will go nowhere until the family can find witnesses who actually saw James hit the couple. This even though the Embassy told them James stayed on the scene.

"They said, 'You better get a witness.' Two years later. They've delayed it two years," says Jerry.

He's tried to get a copy of the official police report, but he says he keeps getting the run around from Jamaican authorities. In late March he submitted a formal request to the U.S. Embassy for a copy of the police report.

"I'm hoping there is [a witness] and I'm asking for someone to come forward and help us," says Cheryl Gillenwater.

Jerry Stout has strong words for the people handling the investigation in Jamaica.

"They just want Cheryl to go away. I can tell you right now, they want Cheryl to go away...We're not going away," says Stout.

If you have any information that could help the case contact Stout Printing at 859-252-3653.


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