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Dec 10, 2012 5:17 PM

Father of Victim in Suspected DUI Crash Involving Doctor Speaks Out

The father of a Lexington woman recovering from multiple surgeries at UK Hospital after being hit by a suspected drunk driver December 3 says Shalaunda Cayson, 25, hopes to get home to her children by Christmas.

Shalaunda's father says the list of injuries she endured is long. She suffered bruised ribs, a crushed pelvis, a ruptured vein to her heart, and doctors had to remove her spleen.

"She's in a lot of pain, but she's making it through. She's had all these operations," says Rodney Cayson, Shalaunda's father.

Around 5:00 am Monday, December 3rd, Shalaunda had just picked up her mom's friend, Vincent White, to help her babysit her kids. Shalaunda planned to head to work after, but never made it there. She was hit on the driver's side by a car driving the wrong way on Man O'War Boulevard with its headlights off. Police say ER doctor Brianna Boyd was driving drunk.

Shalaunda had no time to react.

"She was awful scared. She said 'daddy there was nothing I could do,' and I said 'I understand that, don't worry about that, just worry about getting healed and getting well. We'll get you out of here.'"

That's his focus. Shalaunda's oldest daughter lost her father a few years ago, and the youngest has an asthma disorder, so their mom wants to get home to them as soon as she can. But Rodney Cayson can't help but think about the woman who allegedly did this to his daughter.

"She has to live with that. In the position that she's in, I would think she would know better. Working in a hospita, you see this every day," he says.

Rodney's message to Dr. Boyd:

"You've made a bad choice. It really affects my life and my family's life," he says.

Brianna Boyd plead not guilty to DUI and two counts of assault. Rodney Cayson says the other victim, Vincent White, was treated and released from UK Hospital.

The family has set up a fund to help with expenses. You can make a donation to the Shalaunda Cayson Fund at the Central Bank and Trust in Lexington.


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