Feb 3, 2013 8:27 PM

Father, Two Sons, Taken to Hospital After Accident

An SUV collided with two tractor trailers Sunday morning on I-64. Four people were hospitalized, including a father and his two sons.

Jeffrey Branch of Louisville is recovering at UK Hospital Sunday evening, police say, he and his family are lucky to be alive.

A Ford Edge collided with two trailer trailers just after midnight. "The family in the Ford Edge was a father and two sons they were coming back from a state wrestling tournament on their way back to Louisville when this collision happened," says Sheriff Pat Melton.

Jeffrey Branch was behind the wheel, according to the Sheriff. For some reason, he accidentally drove into the back of the truck. "After hitting that tractor trailer, it cut across the median, and caused a second collision with another tractor trailer that hit virtually head-on," says Sheriff Melton.

Branch had to be cut from his SUV and flown to UK Hospital. His two sons, Jared and Derek, were not as badly injured and were taken to the Frankfort Regional Medical Center. As was the driver of the second tractor-trailer struck. The sheriff credits that driver, from Pennsylvania, for keeping the semi upright. "He said all of the sudden the vehicle was coming with no headlights and come across and hit him and looks like he just jerked to the right. He's real lucky he didn't turn it over he did a really good job," says Sheriff Melton.

About 75 yards of debris littered the interstate after all of this. The Franklin County County Sheriff's office and Frankfort Police shut down the interstate while they reconstructed the crash.

At last check, Branch's condition at UK Hospital was listed as serious.


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