Dec 26, 2013 10:46 AM

Fire Damages Lexington Homes

Victoria White woke up early Thursday morning with what sounded liked an explosion, followed by her neighbor knocking on her door with a warning to get out of her house.

A fire that started next door to White's home on Deer Lake Circle in Lexington, melted the townhome's siding and spread on to White's home as well, destroying everything she had upstairs, including her baby's formula and diapers.

All morning, new mother Victoria White could do no more than stand, watch and wonder what she might be able to salvage for her 8-week-old son, Gabriel.
But really, she knows they're lucky because when the smoke settles and the fire trucks leave, what really matters is what was sleeping soundly in his daddy's arms throughout the whole ordeal.

"I'm glad everyone's OK, that's the best thing. But it's awful," she said.

White and her neighbor believe what caused all the fire was a heating and air unit attached to the home on the right. Officials are looking into that possibility and agree that whatever started it was on the outside of the house.

The woman who lives in the home where the fire started made it out safe with her cat.

Anyone interested in helping the new mother and her baby can email her at A fund has also been set up under The Smith Family Fire Fund at all Whitaker Bank locations, the account number is 61141739.


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