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Feb 24, 2014 10:04 PM

Fire Destroys Home In Estill County

An elderly woman lost everything in an Estill County fire Monday afternoon, nearly two decades after that same home burned to the ground.

Both fires happened in the 36-hundred block of Winchester Road near Irvine. Now the smell of smoke, the sound of breaking glass and the sight of flames are yet again a tough truth for Treva Margison.

"That's all I have to live on," said Margison, "it's gone and that's it."

Her home was destroyed by a fire just minutes after Margison left for Irvine Monday afternoon. Her daughter, Betty Ann Threadgill, lives behind Margison's house and saw the flames. "About ten minutes I looked out the window and seen white smoke," said Threadgill.

In a panic, Threadgill had a friend call 911 as she called her mother. "I just drove as fast as I could to get back here and it was already full," said Margison. By the time she made it back the fire was too strong, and it quickly spread.

"I heard the windows crashing and breaking inside and then flames coming up the side of the roof," said Threadgill.

Sadly for Margison this fire was all too familiar. "It was worse this time than it was the first time," said Margison. Around 19 years ago she said the same thing happened because of a space heater.

While the cause isn't clear this time, the shock is harder to face. "I can't even describe it. Pain, anger, hurt," said Threadgill.

Still, through emotion there is strength. While tragedy has struck Margison twice, she said she's not giving up. "I will be alright, me and good Lord, that's all it takes," said Margison.

Margison's home was not insured. Her family said she could use donations and plan to set up a fund tomorrow morning.


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