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Nov 25, 2012 11:31 PM

Fleming County Teen Laid To Rest

A teenager who fell to his death last weekend in Fleming County was laid to rest Sunday.

15-year-old Ricky Dean Hamilton went missing last weekend while hunting with his father. His body was found Tuesday at the bottom of a rock quarry.

Ricky Dean Hamilton was a sophomore at the high school where his funeral was held. The tragedy that took his life held the community in suspense for days.

"We were hoping and praying there was going to be a good outcome," remembers Ike France, a Tilton Volunteer Firefighters. France was among those who helped search for Ricky's body, and among many who were involved in the search who attended his funeral. "That's who we want to keep in our prayers, the family. There's no words to express, I don't think, how the family must feel right now," says France.

Many family members came dressed to the funeral in hunting gear. They described it as a sign of solidarity. "What Ricky loved was football and hunting," says Heath Burnett, a friend and teammate of Ricky's.

Burnett says whether it was hunting or football, Ricky was fearless. "At practice, he was always like laughing and smiling. He would run up to a guy my size or even bigger and just pick on them and we would always tell you if you hit him he'd get right back up and shake his head and he'd come right back at you again," remembers Burnett.

Some members of the football team say they hope to retire Ricky's number in memorial, the number 36.

The family is still accepting donations to help pay for funeral costs. A fund is set up at People's Bank in Flemingsburg.


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