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Aug 17, 2014 7:21 PM

Flight 5191 Crash Victim Honored

With just 10 days until the 8th anniversary of crashed Flight 5191, friends and family members of one of the victims are honoring their loved one this weekend.

Hundreds of people came together Sunday to play volleyball, raise money and celebrate the life of 46-year-old Fenton Dawson. Dawson was a volleyball enthusiast, husband and father of two. He was also one of 49 people killed in 2006 when Flight 5191 crashed at Blue Grass Airport shortly after take off.

Now 8 years later, the Fenton Dawson Memorial Volleyball Tournament has turned into an event bigger than his friends and family ever expected.

"It's just an amazing thing and it's a true tribute to how good he was and how many people he touched and how far that goes 8 years later," said
event organizer Stephanie Clark.

This year the tournament hosted 20 teams of players from around the area, and they even had to turn away teams wanting to sign up. Clark says they're just happy to bring Dawson's friends and family together and to have the opportunity to share his story with others.

"Fenton was so important to so many people and I don't think you realize how deep that goes until you do something like this. Obviously we have some people here who don't know him and they ask, and their story is told," said Clark.

Every year proceeds from the tournament go to a local high school volleyball team. This year, Tates Creek High School received the $1,000 donation.


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