Jul 5, 2013 10:28 PM

Flooding Plagues Central Kentucky

Flash flooding is a very real danger to anyone out on the roads. Friday night emergency officials were urging people to stay home if they could.

Roads and driveways all across Bourbon and Jessamine counties were swamped Friday from all the flooding.

"The small creeks and little rivers we have came out of the bank," said Corey Treadway who lives in Jessamine County.

It's the same story across the Bluegrass. Water was dangerously high, flooding onto Mackey and Beaumont roads in Jessamine County. In Bourbon County, a steady stream was flowing over Shipville Lane.

Linda Stamper's father lives on Shipville Lane, on Friday she said "Muddy water you cant see where you are going, if you don't know it. Don't attempt it."

There was enough water to trap some people inside their houses, and stop others from driving home.

"If it gets too bad you can't drive through it," said Stamper. She grew up with the creek flooding often. "If you were to run off of that bridge, I mean you don't have a chance so it is just best really not to," said Stamper.

Warning signs are posted around most low lying areas. While some people take the risk and drive through, others said the best bet is turning around. "If you don't (follow the signs) you can get washed out, trapped, flooded, drown, that kind of thing," said Treadway.

As long as the rain continues, day or night, the watery risk will be there. "You know with more rain its going to get worse, not better," said Stamper.


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