Sep 12, 2011 6:05 PM

Floyd County Couple Charged In Disturbing Child Abuse Case

A Floyd County couple is behind bars after a disturbing case of alleged child abuse was uncovered by police last week.

Shawn and Amber Cordle are accused in what police in Prestonsburg call one of the more disturbing cases of child abuse they've seen in years. Police say they arrived at Cliffside Apartments off of Cliff Road in Prestonsburg, and say the Cordles' apartment was filled with human and animal urine and feces.

Police say they also found cats and prescription pills everywhere, as well as food reportedly rotting on the kitchen stove. Also in the home were the Cordles' five children, ages ranging from 16 months to seven years old. According to police, all of them had rashes, blisters and infections on their feet and faces that were so severe they all had to be hospitalized.

Most disturbing of all to Prestonsburg Police officer Zak Clark were the two special-needs boys he found gated inside an upstairs bedroom, lying in their own filth.

"I went upstairs and found a bedroom door that had a metal gate closed with a thick shoestring tied around the door and tied to the gate," said Clark. "I could barely crack the door open, I could see two kids lying in the same bed. I had to take a knife and actually cut the string. The bed was stained with urine, there was feces everywhere on the walls. One of the worst things I've seen in a while.

Police say all of the children are expected to be okay, though some are doing better than others.

In court Monday, both Shawn and Amber Cordle said there was too much animosity between them to be represented by the same lawyer. Next time around they'll each have their own court-appointed attorney. Each faces five counts of first-degree criminal abuse of a minor, five counts of endangering the welfare of a minor and two counts of unlawful imprisonment.


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