Nov 16, 2012 9:48 PM

Food Donations Low - Those In Need Of Assistance, On The Rise

With the holidays right around the corner, help is needed and it's needed fast.
Food shelves such as those at the Salvation Army and God's Pantry are low.

Donations are down but the number of people needing food assistance is on the rise. The Salvation Army and God's Pantry both agree they're feeling the pinch.

"Since July 1st, we've seen about 1,100 new families in need of food assistance here in Lexington. We serve about a 50-county serve area of central and eastern Kentucky and I would dare say that sort of trend is real throughout our service area," explained Marian Guinn, with God's Pantry.

Guinn said donations from restaurant vendors have declined due to the economy. Government donations have also dwindled, this year, by more than 2-million pounds of food. So, the non-profit says they've become more clever in finding ways to feed those in need - one way is with more fresh produce.

"The other way we are combating this is by accessing food in bulk quantity and then utilizing volunteers to pack that food into meaningful household units," stated Guinn.

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Aaturday volunteers re-pack bulk foods including rice, graham crackers, vegetable spaghetti, and frozen foods. Just down the road, Major Deb Ashcraft, with the Salvation Army, said they've battled all year trying to keep their shelves full.

"Things such as canned protein, peanut butter, canned vegetables, so it's been a real struggle, but people are needing food. They are hungry and we really want to be able to meet their need," stated Major Ashcraft.

A demand you can help fulfill with your time or donation.
If you're interested in volunteering your time at God's Pantry more information can be found at: https://godspantry.org/
Or, if you're wanting to donate to the Salvation Army, you can drop items off at the shelter on Main Street.


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