Nov 13, 2010 10:05 PM

Forest Fire in Madison County Burning

Madison County, Ky. - A forest fire is burning in Madison County. Firefighters say so far it's covered about 125 acres.

Firefighters rushed to the scene on Saturday under somewhat unusual circumstances.

"We were actually doing haz-mat training with the city of Richmond, and they were finishing up when this was called out. So they were up here with no supper no anything just came straight up here," says Barney Alexander with the Madison Co Fire Department.

Homeowners arrived quickly as well. "We were out deer hunting and my wife called me and said it was on fire. I probably ought to come home since it was this close to my house," says Randy Hutchins who lives nearby.

Firefighters say the fire is under control but that doesn't mean all is clear. The forest isn't just filled with trees.

"When we got here there were three structures in the close area, the fire had already spread around to them," says Alexander.

Ollie Damrell lives nearby, she says she's concerned for her property as well as her children's land. "My daughter lives next door we have rental property, my son owns this and he's got the farm on it."

Firefighters don't know when it will be completely out. The cause is still unknown.


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