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Jul 26, 2012 6:02 PM by Alan Cutler

Former UK Football Coach Isn't Sure UK Can Win Big In The SEC

If you go to the cover of UK's media guide, it's all about social media.

#WEAREUK. It's at the top of almost every page in the guide.

Turn the page and it's @Joker Phillips.

But when you talk to coaches, unless they can control the situation, and coaches are known for being control freaks, they often don't like it.

"Social media, and I said it all the time, it's going to be the downfall of society," says Louisville Coach Charlie Strong.

Let's go old school. Former UK football coach Fran Curci, who can't believe he's 74 years old, doesn't like some of the trash talking todays players like tweet.

"Well you like to think you have enough discipline to just say that if you do that then you are going to be running for a long time," says Curci.

"So the best way to prevent something like that, is you have to find a way that if you do that they are going to pay the price, and you gotta make them pay the price."

For Curci that price would be paid with plenty of extra running.

How many times have you asked this question, will UK ever win the SEC? Curci isn't convinced UK will ever be able to do that.

"You know I look back honest to God it was a miracle that we went 6-0 in our conference (1977) and we beat LSU and we shut out Georgia 33 to nothing. I don't know how that happened, but to get back into this league now I don't know, I really don't know, and then you add in Missouri and Texas A&M and that is really a lot and it has gotten to be such a money deal that I just don't know whether they can compete in this thing or not. I mean they can compete, but whether they can win or not that is a big job."

SEC football is as big as it gets. Money has changed everything.

"I always look back and tell people that I was here my last year the most I ever made financially was $46,000 and I look back and say my God if I had won a conference championship I could be making about 4 or 5 million dollars. I mean the whole of sports has gone crazy. A-Rod is making $30 million and all these coaches, even offensive coordinators are making half a million to a million dollars, so anyway that is how things have changed and I think it carries over to the players and it is kind of really tough."

For years, Curci has been saying that when he coached UK from 1973 though 1981, he wanted to play Louisville.

"Always wanted to play Louisville, and I tried to play Louisville, Cliff Hagen (Athletics Director) didn't want to do that, he said, "oh if we play them in football then we have to play them in basketball." So what? And at that time of course the legislatures made them do that and my proposal was and it would have happened, I wanted to play them every year in Lexington and I think we'd get all the money, give them a little bit and we'd get the win and that is the way I felt about it and they didn't want no part of that because they didn't want to get involved. But things have changed but back then that is the way everyone felt."


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