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Feb 14, 2013 9:49 PM

Four Bedbugs Found At Transportation Cabinet in Frankfort

The State Transportation Cabinet in Frankfort has a small pest problem: bed bugs. So far only a few have been found, but even a handful of bed bugs is enough to make some people's skin crawl.

In fact, the mere mention of them,

"I'm terrified of those little things."

Brings back bad memories,

"I couldn't sleep all night."

For former Transportation Cabinet employee Michael Agbor. Years ago, at a hotel in Florida, Agbor says he experienced what bedbugs can do.

"They were biting me all night. I thought they were mosquitos, and then when I looked on the bed, I saw one of these little things crawling with blood it apparently sucked from me," says Michael Agbor. He says he'll never forget that.

Like so many people, Agbor had errands to run at the Transportation Cabinet on Mero Street in Frankfort. Unbeknownst to him, this week two bedbugs were found localized on the second floor of the building in a customer service area heavily trafficked by the public. Count one from last week, and one from a few months earlier, a grand total of four bedbugs have been found.

"It's certainly not an infestation," says Chuck Wolfe, spokesperson for the Transportation Cabinet. "We're not going to let it get to that level."

Wolfe is adamant that everything is under control. The second floor will continue to be open for business until an extermination can be done next Wednesday night, on February 20th. An inspector was on the second floor while LEX18 was in the building.

"It's concerning, and we want all our employees to be aware we're taking action right away to get on top of this," says Wolfe.

The bedbugs were found on the floor. Now cardboard used to store files is being replaced with plastic.

"I don't know if I would have gone into the building at all if I had known there were bedbugs," says Agbor.

An exterminator will treat the entire second floor next Wednesday, and will come back for follow-up treatments. The building is owned by the Finance Cabinet.


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