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Apr 1, 2013 5:06 PM by Josh Breslow

Frankfort Park Victim Of Vandals Again

Frankfort Police have charged three juveniles in connection with recent vandalism at a park that has fallen victim to vandals before.

Cove Spring Park is 100-acres of waterfalls, wetlands, and nature, but someone has apparently been wreaking havoc.

Pictures from EcoGro, a company out of Lexington show busted windshields and windows on their construction equipment, as well as vulgarity spray-painted on trail signs and a wooden bridge. Police estimate the damages at $20,000.

"It's senseless. Completely senseless. And it kind of hurts, you know?" said Hollie Peyton, a longtime park volunteer. "This place means a lot to a lot of us and I don't think a lot of people understand how important it is."

Peyton said he's watched as Cove Spring Park has become a target for what he calls kids with nothing better to do.

"We had some display cases. It looked like they just stood in front of them and did some target practice with some pretty big rocks," Peyton said of a recent incident.

Monday, when police charged three juveniles with first-degree criminal mischief in connection with the latest acts, Peyton was relieved.

"To be honest, there's part of me that kind of gets some satisfaction out of it, maybe, that somebody can be can be held accountable," Peyton said.

Cove Spring Park is currently closed for a stream restoration project. No word on when it will reopen to the public.


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