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Aug 20, 2012 10:53 AM

Franklin County Couple Pleads Not Guilty In Animal Cruelty Case

A Franklin County couple pleaded not guilty Monday to nearly two-dozen animal cruelty charges.

Deputies arrested Sandra E. Coy, 55, and William Scott Coy, 48, on Friday, and charged them both with 23 counts of animal cruelty after raiding their St. Johns Road home. Deputies say they found nearly two-dozen dogs and birds living in filthy conditions, and a dead pit bull still chained to its leash. Deputies say they also found llamas, goats and pigs, all in bad condition.

In court Monday, the couple was ordered to surrender the remaining animals on their property, and the were order to be held on a bond of $46,000.

Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton says he thinks the couple simply wasn't equipped to care for all of the animals.

"There was no food, no water, and very dire conditions for the animals that were there." he said. "People sometimes have good intentions and then all of a sudden they get overwhelmed, and I think this is one of those cases or scenarios."

Court records indicate the couple faced similar charges back in 2008. The couple agreed to leave LaRue County after officials found 37 pit bulls and one dead dog in their home. Later that year, the couple faced another animal cruelty charge in Franklin County.

The Franklin County Humane Society took in the animals rescued on Friday. Humane society officials say all of the animals have overwhelmed the facility, and they desperately need donations. If you would like to help, call (502) 875-7297 or donate directly to


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