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Apr 20, 2013 10:52 PM

Gas Leak Forces Evacuation Of Lexington Neighborhood

Everything is back to normal after several houses were evacuated in one Lexington neighborhood because of a broken gas line Saturday night.

It happened on Locust Avenue around 8:45pm.

The pile of debris in front of one neighbor's home, Richard Burns, used to be a house, that was until Saturday. "This morning it looked like a run-down house, he took it to the ground," remembers Burns.

Burns says the house had been foreclosed, vacant for about 10 years. The new owners decided to demolish it, all day into the evening. Burns, unaware of what was going on when he got a knock on his back door.

Firefighters say there was a gas leak. When the gas line was capped, the street line was still connected. Firefighters believe the line may have been moved by the debris, breaking underground.

Three homes on the block had to be evacuated for about an hour until the problem was fixed.

Burns' grandson was treated at the scene for breathing in some of the natural gas.


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