Mar 27, 2012 3:23 PM

Gay Pride Organization Files Complaint Against Local T-Shirt Company

The Gay and Lesbian Service Organization -or GLSO - of Lexington has filed a complaint against a local t-shirt company.

The GLSO says they went looking for the best price when buying t-shirts for the annual Pride Festival, but they say once the owner of Hands On Originals realized it was for a gay event, he wouldn't print the shirt. The GLSO says that's against a fairness ordinance in Lexington.

"This wouldn't be acceptable to do (to) a black group," said Pride Festival Chairman Paul Brown. "This wouldn't be acceptable to do to a Jewish group and because of the fairness ordinance it's unacceptable to do it to a gay group."

Hands On Originals plans on issuing a statement on the situation to LEX 18 Tuesday afternoon.Wildcat Wearhouse, a Kentucky company that used to be affiliated with Hands On Originals, released the following statement Tuesday afternoon:

"Due to a change in ownership on January 1st, 2011, Wildcat Wearhouse is no longer owned and operated by Hands On Originals. Wildcat Wearhouse has continued to use the distinctive hand print logo due to its long term association with quality collegiate products. Future use of the hand print logo is to be determined.

"Wildcat Wearhouse both employs and does business with people of all genders, races, religions, sexual preferences and national origins. We do not produce custom goods for businesses, organizations or individuals; therefore we do not have any order acceptance policies. We are a retail business committed to providing the Big Blue Nation with excellent quality products and friendly service at all 16 of our Kentucky locations."


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