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Feb 19, 2013 4:47 PM

Good Samaritan Attacked While Helping Supposedly Stranded Motorist

The son of a Baptist preacher says he'll think twice next time he comes across a stranded driver after he says he tried to help the man and was attacked.

The incident happened Friday on Kentucky 595 in Buckettown in Madison County. Ronnie Pennington says he stopped to help a man who told him an electrical cable had come loose on his car.

"So I pulled off to the side of the road and told him to pop his hood," said Pennington. "I raised the hood up and turned my light on and the next thing I know, he went for my wallet.'

What followed was a roadside struggle with no passersby in sight. Despite having two black eyes, a massive knot on his head and two stab wounds in his abdomen, Pennington managed to get away. "I was thinking, 'Am I gonna make it through it? Am I gonna die? Is this guy gonna kill me?'"

Pennington called his wife and dad, who drove to meet him at Kirksville Baptist Church, where the elder Pennington preaches. From there, he went to a local hospital, then to UK Hospital, where nurses say he'd lost more than a pint of blood.

Pennington said he despite the attacker's efforts, he never got his wallet. "No, he didn't," he said. "He tried, but I wouldn't give it up."

Pennington says the man was in his 30's, about 5 foot 8, 185 pounds, with a goatee and a gap between his front teeth. He was driving a 2009 white Toyota Corolla.


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