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Jun 3, 2014 7:00 PM

Graphic Letter Allegedly Written Before Lexington Man Went Missing

Monday marked the end to a week-long search for a man who Lexington Police described as a danger to himself and others.

James Caldwell showed up June 2 at a medical facility in Corbin.

When Caldwell seemingly vanished, police issued arrest warrants for stalking and terroristic threatening after he was accused of writing a graphic letter.

LEX 18 has obtained a copy of the incredibly descriptive letter Caldwell accused of leaving for one woman.

These are just some of the overly graphics threat included in the two-page letter:

"I've thought about getting a Super Soaker and as you pull your keys to open the front door, spraying you with gasoline and setting you on fire."

"Shooting you at work and then shooting myself or hurting one of your co-workers."

"Breaking into your house, hanging myself from the banister."

"Murdering your parents because it would completely ruin your life."

"Once I was laying in bed at night and for no reason at all, I came up with a plan to hurt random people Lexington, then coming and hurting you some serial killer was in Lexington...I even once followed a couple home in an attempt to prepare victims."

Junnell Harris said it was left last week on a vehicle outside of her Lexington home.

"When I started reading it, I knew immediately what it was and who it was from," she said.

According to Harris, the letter was addressed to her 21-year-old daughter.

"I've never read anything like that and I just couldn't believe that a guy that much older than my daughter that she never had a relationship with would threaten something so graphic like that," she said. "It's just total shock and disbelief that this can happen."

Harris said her daughter has tried to get a protective order against Caldwell but under Kentucky law the two had to be married or share a child. She added that the two were never romantically involved.

"I have to be married to somebody or dated and lived with somebody or have a child by somebody for somebody to protect us from somebody wanting to do these violent things? It just doesn't make sense to me and whatever it takes, I'm going to do it," Harris said.

The letter also includes the description of a vivid dream where the writer murders a woman as she wakes up to find she's been stabbed in the jugular.

There's even mention of a mouse head being including in the letter, but then the writer changes his mind and scratches the paragraph out.
Lexington Police said Caldwell suffers from a mental illness.

However, Caldwell's family denies that and said he appears to have had a mental breakdown.


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