Police Investigation

Oct 9, 2012 11:36 AM

Hardin County Police Investigate Shocking Alleged Sexual Abuse Case

Police are investigating very disturbing allegations in Hardin County claiming an eight-year-old girl was forced to endure months of sexual abuse and claims that her own mother did nothing to stop it.

One of the things detectives have said is that the eight-year old's mother left her daughter with the two men, knowing what was going on, and warned her if she ever told anyone it would ruin the men's lives.

Police say 49-year-old Todd Livingston and his roommate, 44-year-old Dean Tinsley, were living in a tiny RV behind the home of the mother, Camilla Clark, and are accused of forcing themselves on the little girl.

Police say the girl told her mother about a year and a half ago what was going on, but she never reported the sexual torment. Instead, police say she kept leaving her there.

And if the abuse allegations aren't enough, the conditions in the RV were allegedly horrible, with no toilet and at least four large garbage sacks stuffed full of beer cans plus other garbage bags with trash.

Police say when the little girl told her mom, she warned her that talking about what happened would ruin the men's lives. The alleged abuse finally came to light when the girl told a friend.

All three adults accused in the case are due in court later this month.


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