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Sep 9, 2012 5:41 PM by Josh Breslow

Police: Harrison County Man Finds Two People Living In His Home

When Billy Combs returned home Thursday night to his apartment on Newsom Avenue in Harrison County, he found two uninvited guests.

The two, identified by police as Diana Hicks and Charles Tucker, were acquaintances of Combs.

"That's probably how they knew he was gone, the reason they broke into the apartment," said Officer Joseph Daniel with the Cynthiana Police Department.

"It's crazy," said one neighbor, who didn't want to be identified. "I didn't know that they was in there and they came home and found them."

Officers said the two came in through an unlocked back window and lived in the apartment for about three days. When Combs came home and confronted the duo, they took off. A short time after witnesses helped to identify the suspects, officers said, Diana Hicks attacked a woman involved in the case.

"Miss Hicks assaulted one of my witnesses at a gas station," said Officer Daniel.

Police said Hicks wouldn't go quietly. They said she fought back, spitting in an officer's face. While being booked into jail, Hicks is even accused of threatening to kill an officer.

So why did police also arrest Billy Combs, the man whose apartment Hicks had apparently been living in? While giving his statement to the cops, they said, Combs assaulted his 16-year-old nephew.

"It was just a family matter," said Officer Daniel. "He lost his temper. Probably in the heat of the moment."

Diana Hicks has since been released from the Bourbon County Jail on bond. Hicks spoke to LEX 18 over the phone, claiming she was not living in the apartment for three days and was just visiting when Combs came home. She said she had permission to be in the apartment.

Police said burglary and drug charges are pending against Charles Tucker, the other accused squatter.


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