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Jan 4, 2013 6:07 PM by Alan Cutler

Harrow No Longer Sleeps Before Games

The body is the same, but the player has changed so much, even he is surprised. Today, not when he came to UK, you see Ryan Harrow making plays all over the court.

For most of his life, Ryan didn't want to, and refused to spell the word defense. UK's point guard was funny when LEX 18 wanted to know how often one of his coaches ever complimented him on his defense.

"I don't play defense," says a smiling Harrow. "Well, I didn't play defense when I was in high school, it wasn't about defense. It was about scoring. But now it's a little different. You got to play defense to stay on the floor and you got to play defense for Coach Cal because it give us more opportunities to get out on the break."

Harrow came to UK flashy and soft. A lot of the flash is gone because Cal doesn't want it. He protects the ball like a big time player. 3.5 assists to every turnover. His decision making gets better all the time and he admits to never being this tough.

"Definitely, I never had to be this focused to play basketball, ever. Because if it was an AAU game I would probably would be sleeping five minutes before the game even started. Put my shoes on and we could go out there and play. In high school we could go out there at halftime, before the game started. Now you got to eat right and do extra work. It's just the little things that you do after practice that will help you."

Now that he's used to Cal, he wants him to continue to coach him hard so he gets even better. A remarkable change in a matter of weeks.


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