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May 7, 2013 7:07 PM by Josh Breslow

Heavy Rains Damage Leslie County Roads, Buildings

Heavy rain caused a treacherous situation Monday night in Leslie County as creek waters spilled onto roads and bridges, washing them away. Several buildings across the county were also damaged and multiple mudslides were reported.

It was about an hour before church service was set to begin at Davidson Fork Church Of God, when the storm rolled into the community of Thousandsticks. Water began tearing at the outside of the church building and poured inside, soaking the floor with mud.

"We began to see the flood waters come up and it just kept coming and coming," said Pastor Charles Collins with Davidson Fork Church Of God. "You couldn't do nothing. All we did was pray that it would quit, and when the church started to pray, the water dropped down."

Pastor Collins said, right now, they cannot hold service inside of their building, but they will be able to worship at a facility next door until their church can be fixed up.

Just down the road, James May and his wife, Jeannie were surrounded by water while at their home. They said they thought the worst of it was over until the situation took a horrifying turn.

"I don't remember too much because it happened so quick," James May told LEX 18. "All of a sudden, we heard a crack and a pop, then that big tree came off the hill, uprooted, fell on me and took me to the ground."

"That tree come down on us. That's the last thing we know. Just scared so bad, I cried," said Jeannie May, who suffered some scrapes and bruises.

As for James May, it took help from neighbors to get him out from under the tree. When he emerged, he had injured his shoulder and his knee. He and his wife's vehicles were heavily damaged, possibly destroyed.

"I was scared. I thought he was dead. And if that truck hadn't been there he'd probably be dead," said Jeannie May.

Crews spent Monday night into Tuesday working to clean up the mess left behind, as well as survey the damage.


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