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Nov 14, 2012 3:26 PM

Help For The Homeless In Cold Weather

The cold weather is a struggle for many people, but especially for those without a place to call home, leaving them in desperate need of a way to keep warm.

The coat racks at the Salvation Army Tuesday were full with clothing. Now just a day later, they're empty.

Since the beginning of November the Salvation Army says they've had upwards of 300 people coming in for coats. The in-demand items, big, heavy coats, gloves, hats, long underwear and blankets. They're asking for anything that can be layered. The Salvation Army says they're thankful for all the donations that have been coming in btu they know as the weather gets colder the need to stay warm will only grow. "It's extremely heartbreaking to know that there are people without, that they would even lose their life with the cold weather," says Major Debra Ashcraft with the Salvation Army. "I'm just so grateful that we are seeing people respond the way they are."

Over at the Catholic Action Center, it's a similar story: Too many people in need, not enough to give. "It's always this time of year when the temperature changes," says Ginny Ramsey with the Catholic Action Center. "It happens quickly and the need becomes great."

To donate to the Salvation Army, stop by their location at 736 West Main Street in Lexington, call 859-252-7706 or click here.


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