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Feb 11, 2012 8:45 PM

Homeowner Fights Off Intruder

A Laurel County woman took matters into her own hands when she fought against an attempted robber who had a gun.

"I went and before I got to the door the door opened and this guy come in with a mask on," says Brenda, the homeowner.

Brenda says she acted instinctively. "I grabbed him at the top of the mask trying to pull that off. I was grabbing him and kicking him at the same time," remembers Brenda.

What she didn't realize was that man had a gun. "I didn't even know that was a gun that he had I couldn't tell. I probably would have been scared worse if I knew it was a gun."

Her boyfriend by that time was able to spring into action. "He pulled me out of the way and got his gun and told him he better leave and get out of the house," says Brenda.

The would-be robber did what he could to cover up his tracks. Police say he wrecked his getaway vehicle, a 4-wheeler, burned his mask and went home, where he was supposed to be on house arrest. Police followed the clues and just a few hours later they arrested Finley Hall.

The homeowner says she was surprised by how she handled the ordeal. "I was surprised. I thought: he had a gun he could have shot me why did I do that? But I didn't think about the gun then. Just thought about him coming in," says Brenda.

She also adds she won't leave her door unlocked ever again.

Hall has been charged with robbery and police say additional charges are coming.


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