Feb 4, 2013 6:38 PM

Inmate Finds and Returns Gun State Trooper Accidentally Left in Gym

Authorities are investigating after a trooper's gun and badge were found in the Russell County High School gymnasium after a basketball game Tuesday, January 29th.

Fans packed the gym for a home basketball game against Taylor County. The game was a win for Russell County, but school board member Gerald Murray is concerned about what was found after the game.

"I have a granddaughter that was at the game that night," says Murray.

Off-duty Kentucky State Police trooper Billy Gregory admitted to accidentally leaving his gun and badge under the back bleacher against the wall where he was sitting. He apparently took them out of his pocket as he sat down, and forgot.

"Somebody could have kicked it. It could have went off. I'm glad nobody did," says Murray, who says the gun had a single bullet in it. The trooper called post when he realized he'd forgotten it, but by then, it was found.

After the game, when everyone went home, an inmate cleaning the gym bleachers as part of a work release program with the Russell County Detention Center found the gun. He immediately reported it to his supervisor. The jailer tells LEX18 Tommie Bryant is the inmate who found it.

"I'm glad we had a good, honest, decent inmate that found the gun," says Murray.

Kentucky State Police headquarters say they have launched an inquiry and will do their due diligence.

The Russell County jailer tells LEX18 he plans to write a letter of recommendation for Tommie Bryant to help reduce his jail time.

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