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Jul 18, 2013 8:24 PM

Intense Heat At Hell For Certain In Leslie County

It's a creek, a road, and a community, all with the same name.

How all three got the moniker is a story in itself, when two men came down the mountain at a time when horsepower was measured in gallops. One said, "This looks like hell." The other one said, "Yeah, for certain."

Welcome to Hell For Certain, Kentucky.

"It gets pretty warm here," said Pastor Baer. "Not as hot as the real hell, for certain."

Baer has experienced 34 summers in Hell for Certain since he and his family moved from Pennsylvania

"Every summer you have some around 100, ironically. We didn't experience triple digit heat," said Betty Baer.

In fact, it was a rainy day in Hell For Certain with a slight breeze and the thermometer at a brisk 77. If you think that's a little chilly for a place called Hell For Certain, consider this: Pastor Baer says about 20 years ago, Hell For Certain was actually 30 degrees below zero. The closest it's come, he says, to Hell For Certain freezing over.

"That was terrible," Baer said.

His church, too, makes note of the 'holler in hades' right on its stationary.

"Where we tell you how to get to heaven for certain at the mouth of Hell For Certain Creek," he says.

A creek, road and community that Pastor Baer and his family don't plan on leaving.

"I haven't minded it," Betty says.

No matter how hot it gets.


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