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May 2, 2013 6:54 PM by Josh Breslow

Investigators Return To Scene Of Deadly Boyle County House Fire

Investigators say they may never know what sparked a Boyle County house fire last week that killed a mother of three but they returned to the scene Thursday in attempt to gather additional evidence.

The fire on April 24th destroyed the home along Venetian Way in Danville. The body of Libby Moore, 37, was pulled from the rubble. It was determined that she died of smoke inhalation, though an official cause for the fire was not found even in the days following.

City, county, and state agencies were back at the scene Thursday morning, digging through the same rubble they looked through last week. Their hope was that "experts" could locate a clue that might shed some light on a potential cause or even give them a hint as to where the fire started.

"There's many, many things that can cause a fire to develop quickly," Chief Woody Ball of the Danville Fire Department told LEX 18 on Thursday. "We wanted to take another good hard look at it, come out in the daytime, the guys are rested, and see if we can find anything."

"It just feels weird knowing she's not there no more," Moore's 16-year-old son, Larry told LEX 18 last Wednesday, adding the family would never give up their search for answers. "I just wish I could figure out what happened and how it started, at least."

Libby Moore's husband also returned to the scene of the deadly fire Thursday. He did not want to talk on camera but reinforced his son's comments, saying a cause would provide his family with some much-needed closure.

Officials said they have ruled out about half of the 39 potential causes for the fire. The next step, they said, is to compare notes and possibly return to the scene again.


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