Mar 11, 2013 12:56 PM

Jessamine County Woman Says Man Tried to Take A Picture Up Her Dress in Wal-Mart

A Jessamine County woman has a word of warning for shoppers to watch their surroundings after she says a man tried to take a picture up her dress at the Walmart in Jessamine County.

Sharon Howard wore a black and white dress to church Sunday evening with her daughters. She never dreamed a creepy encounter would follow around 7:30 pm, when the family went to the Nicholasville Wal-Mart and browsed the makeup aisle.

"I had my back turned toward the end, and just happened to glance around, and I caught a man with something in his hand. He was down like he was trying to look up my dress, and then he jumped up and turned away from me," says Sharon Howard.

The usually soft-spoken mom had some harsh words for the man with the camera.

"He walked around the corner. I followed him, and told him I hope he gets caught, and he's a nasty pervert," says Howard.

Howard immediately went up to the attendants who greet people as they enter the store and reported what happened to them. Unfortunately, the man was already gone. She says he left in the direction of the Garden Center. Howard is hopeful there are surveillance pictures of him. Nicholasville Police are looking into the allegation, and says it falls under video voyeurism. Meanwhile Howard has advice for the man,

"Stop doing that. That's an invasion of privacy. You do not have a right to do that."

And advice for shoppers,

"Just pay attention to your surroundings."

Howard describes the man as Hispanic, 5'5", with dark hair, and wearing jeans and a white shirt with blue stripes. In Kentucky, video voyeurism involves taking inappropriate pictures or videos of someone without his or her consent, and can be either a felony or a misdemeanor.


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