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Dec 5, 2009 6:57 PM by Alan Cutler

John Wall Doesn't Like Needles

UK's 28-2 run in the first half, sparked by a spectacular dunk by Wall, and a flying layup by the freshman that would have made Rupp smile, had Roy Williams defending his Tar Heels.

"We're not as bad as we looked in the first half," says Carolina's coach.

Williams compliments the Cats, but in reality, he's trying to make sure the confidence of his team doesn't fall.

"I really don't believe we are that bad. But, Kentucky made us look that bad."

The smile on John Wall and Patrick Patterson's face when Patrick picked him up after the game was classic.

So far, it's the best basketball moment of Wall's career.

"I think this is the funnest I've ever had so far," says Wall.

In the first half, Wall was Superman. After cramping, and a knee problem that sounds like it will hang around longer than the cramping, Wall lost his speed. He wasn't the same player.

"I was cramping out there," says Wall.

"I don't know how I cramped up. I thought I was drinking enough fluids but I had to get an IV because I was cramping up and I couldn't move."

We finally discover that Superman has a weakness. His kryptonite is needles.

"I hate needles."

"I was about to have a fit. It took so long because they couldn't find my vein."

Wall talks fast and plays faster. Sitting around in the locker room while the game is going on isn't his thing.

"I was having a fit because I was like could somebody please tell me the score and how much time is left."

"I was like you all need to hurry up and get me back out there. I don't care how long it takes but hurry up I need to get back there with my team. When the lead got down to seven I said get me back out there and they would not let me."

Cal loves to pick on his players. He threw the needle at Wall and said that his mother went into the locker room to help Wall get the IV. Wall laughed and quickly said no.

Here is the one thing that might strike fear into True Blue Fans.

When LEX18 asked about Wall's knee.

"No I got tendenitus bad. It hurts."

For today, Carolina hurts more.


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