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Jul 18, 2012 9:33 PM by Mary Jo Perino

Joker Getting Some Help From Coach Cal

Joker Phillips was trying to sell his program at SEC Media Days. The national predictions for UK's upcoming season are fairly dismal. But what Joker is using to try and sell his program is on top of the world.

"I'm selling our basketball program. I would be crazy to try to fight that," Joker said.

The basketball team winning the national championship only helps football says Joker, the fact that Kentucky's now a national brand.

"I think it was unbelievable advertising of our logo as every time our basketball team went to the next round and the next round and playing in the Final Four, how many times did these kids see the Kentucky, the interlocking UK brand out there? I think that's huge. We want to hitch our wagon to our basketball program."

Joker says John Calipari has helped him do that. Coach Cal has offered his services any time the football coach needs them. That includes making a call to a recruit from Puerto Rico when he was with the Dominican Republic national team.

"On our recruiting weekends, 30 minutes before his basketball team goes out on the basketball court, we're able to bring our recruits in to his lockeroom and he addresses them. I thought there's no way, there's no way this guy's going to allow us to come in his lockeroom. You might think well it wasn't a big game. The first time we did it was the North Carolina game. One versus two."

Joker is hoping in this case, success breeds success.



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