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Aug 5, 2011 6:16 PM by Alan Cutler

Joker Wants "Championships"

If it's August and you are talking about Kentucky football, there are too many questions and at times, not enough answers.

Perhaps the biggest question mark on this football remains the new defense. Will the players understand the tremendous change put in by defensive coordinator Rick Minter.

Joker Phillips was very honest when he said he doesn't know.

"We get 29 practices now so we'll know a little bit better once we get closer to the game," says Joker.

What about the beef on the offensive line? And, how good is it? If this turns out to be true, it can change any football team.

"I'm now happy and proud to say that they should be the strength of the program on offense."

Joker wasn't born yesterday. He knows that the media doesn't give his Cats much if any chance to move up in the very tough SEC East. He knows that many fans feel the same way. It bothers him, but he won't say it. Joker doesn't question his goals that he believes can be reached.

"No doubt. We're not here to try and just compete for our sixth straight bowl game. You guys can say what you want about that. We came here and were attract the coaches we have. We have great coaches on this staff. We were able to attract those guys. They came here to win. Not just to go to bowls games. We want to win championships."

There might be a lot of new names for True Blue Fans to get to know because Joker said more freshman are going to play in a long time. Plus, freshman for today are third team. If you are a veteran and you aren't first or second team, he is putting a freshman in front of you. He told his veterans that was going to happen during spring football.


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