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Oct 4, 2013 5:04 PM by Alan Cutler

Julius Randle And LeBron James

He wears No. 30 because that was his mother's number. He says he's been 6-feet-9 inches since 9th or 10th grade. Some tall timber have to get used to be tall, some don't initially like it.

"It's never been a problem for me," says Julius Randle. "I think just because my mom, she's a dominant personality and she's always been tall. Kind of carried over to me."

He's not only expected to be the best player on the team, but Randle himself also thinks of himself as a leader. When it comes to the expectations Randle faces, he doesn't shy away from it.

"There is times where you are heading to workout and you are dead tired, but you know once you step on the court, you have to push through and you have to bring your game."

If there is one player that hasn't gotten a lot of publicity, but Randle thinks is going to be special and has a quick answer.

"Dakari (Johnson). Definitely surprised me as far as how skilled he is, how hard he works. But, I think he's going to be, a lot of people might not expect a lot out of him, I think he's going to be really good for us. "

Dakari is listed as being three inches taller.

"No, he's not pushing me around," Randle says. "

It's tough to picture anyone pushing this 250 pound strong man around. The last time it happened, well, when you hear who it was, it makes sense.

"I was thinking it was in the 7th grade... 7th grade. Yeah, I haven't played. Oh LeBron! When I played him at Lebron camp, 10th grade. He's a different level."

Randle could be on a different level than most in college basketball this year.


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