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Jul 4, 2013 3:16 PM

K-9 Of Murdered Bardstown Officer Starting To Enjoy Retirement

It's been almost a month and a half since someone murdered Bardstown police officer Jason Ellis. While the search continues for his killer, his family grieves and heals with a special four-legged friend - officer Ellis' K-9, Figo.

It's the photo that struck a cord with people all over the world - Figo, without any prompting, put his paw on the casket of his fallen partner, officer Ellis, who was ambushed picking up debris out of the road the early morning of May 25.

Since the funeral, the loyal dog has been enjoying retirement with officer Ellis' wife and children. "Amy and the boys have gotten very attached to him," said Bardstown Police detective Chris Smith.

And vice versa. Officers say Figo is making himself right at home, with the kids and K-9 providing much needed comfort to each other. "He runs around the house and when they try to go to bed he's in the bedroom with them," said Smith. "For the first time, he actually jumped on the bed. He's kind of following the kids around and getting a little protective, which is good. A lot of times when people come over he follows them around. She gets a little jealous she wants him to follow her around more."

Smith and other Bardstown officers have been taking turns spending the night with the family. At first, he says Figo was drawn to the scent of their gun holsters, perhaps making him think his handler was back. "You could tell he was a little bit depressed," said Smith. "He didn't want to move around a whole lot. But he's really coming around more."


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