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Jun 6, 2012 6:05 PM by Alan Cutler

Karl Towns Impresses His Dominican Teammates

After practice is over, the Dominican team, which is practicing at UK, has some fun. After Cal has left the court, they huddle in a circle and dance.

They make sure Karl Towns gets in the middle. He smiles. He's like the little brother of the group. That's what happens when you are 16, you just finished playing basketball as a freshman in high school, and depending on who you believe, Towns is 6'9", 6'10, or 6'11" inches tall.

"Playful," says teammate and former Louisville star Francisco Garcia. "You know he's just a kid. He plays a lot. He listens. That's the most important thing. He listens to the coaches and he listens to the vets."

Garcia admits he doesn't often see anyone who is 16 years old with this kind of talent.

"Man, he's gifted. He's gifted. He can shoot. He can put the ball on the floor. He can pass. And like I said he has a good attitude."

Eloy Vargas' roommate on the Dominican team is Towns. He's pushing Kentucky, plus Towns, who plays high school ball in New Jersey already likes UK.

"He loves it," says the former UK backup center. "He's a kid, so you know everybody wants to be at Kentucky. Who wouldn't want to be here?"

Vargas, who has an agent and expects to play in Europe, shows a good sense of humor. He says he can't be the lead recruiter for Towns, who plays ball in New Jersey.

"Cal has to do a little something to, and Orlando (Antigua). I cannot do everything for them."

Towns can shoot three's, but isn't excited about pounding inside, and you can't blame him. He needs weight and strength. But, his potential is off the charts.

Garcia is a smart NBA veteran who is a terrific teammate. He's been close with DeMarcus Cousins since he joined the Sacramento Kings.

"He's still my rook."

Even though the former UK star just finished year two in the pros, Garcia still thinks of him as a rookie. It's how you act when you are like Cousins older brother.

"He's grown up a lot. Outside of basketball, and inside of basketball. He's a great kid and he works hard."

Down the road Garcia expects Cousins to get much better.

"He's got some talent. Future all star."


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