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Jan 8, 2013 5:12 PM

Kentucky Authorities To Re-Visit Cold Case Files For Clues That May Connect Serial Killer

One of the country's largest police departments is calling on all Kentucky authorities to re-visit their cold case files involving strangled women because they have a serial killer in custody and he was recently captured in Kentucky.

The LAPD calls Samuel Little a wanderer, and his modus operandi is that once he commits a murder, he moves to avoid detection. So, although he was captured in Louisville, he very well may have committed violent crimes in other Kentucky cities.

Los Angeles police have connected Little, who also goes by Samuel McDowell to at least six murders countrywide. They believe he was most active in the 70's, 80's and 90's, targeting women who led high risk lifestyles. He was active in areas troubled by drugs and prostitutes, and all of his victims were strangled and left in places like abandoned houses or hotels.

After all these years, evidence put into a database to find this alleged killer just came back this past April. Authorities have been trying to find little since, but he's managed to stay one step ahead of them.

In the meantime, police also say there are victims of Little's who managed to escape his attacks. They'd like to hear from those women, too.


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