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Feb 7, 2014 7:46 PM

Kentucky High School Students Singing National Anthem Goes Viral

The Kentucky All-State High School Chorus put on quite a patriotic show much to the pleasant surprise of guests staying at Louisville's Hyatt Hotel.

Cell phone video of the performance has since gone viral.

The performance caught hotel guests off guard as out of nowhere from the inner balconies of the Hyatt came the sound of music.

As the hotel staff has learned, it's a tradition performed every year on the weekend of All-State performances.

There were 600 high school students belting out the Star Spangled Banner.

With no choir director, the students staying in the hotel spontaneously harmonize at 11 p.m. each night before bed.

"The national anthem is something that's so special to all of us, and when we come and we sing it and it sounds so good," Olivia House, a student at Scott County said. "It's just an amazing feeling."

Regardless of the feedback, the students have continued showing their patriotism in a tradition that has lasted for decades.

Newspapers and TV stations around the country have also picked up on the viral video, airing it and posting it on their websites.


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