Jan 12, 2013 11:10 PM

Kentucky Sheriff: No Unconstitutional Gun Laws In My County

An Eastern Kentucky Sheriff is taking a strong stance on gun regulation by saying he wont enforce any new federal gun laws in his county that he deems unconstitutional.

Jackson Co. Sheriff Denny Peyman said he is not defying President Obama but an executive order that might arise in which guns of any sort would be collected by the federal government.

"I can only speak for the people here in Jackson County," Sheriff Peyman said. "We're talking about self protection here. I don't think there should be a limit."

Peyman's comments come before next week's recommendations by Vice President Joe Biden and his task force to President Barack Obama on ways to minimize gun violence.

The sheriff of two years estimated that about half of the people in his county are registered handgun owners and many of them would not take lightly to giving them up.

"They're going to bury them, they're going to hide them and there are some who will probably just fight you for it," Peyman said. "If you take away our freedoms and take away our firearms that's total control of the people."

Peyman said the decision came down to his duty to defend both the Kentucky and US Constitutions. He highlighted the importance of the Second Amendment which Peyman pointed out was put second on the Bill of Rights instead of "down the line".

"Let's go to the Kentucky Supreme Court and see how much say the states have compared to the federal government," Peyman said, who added that he has received several calls from attorneys who told the sheriff they would help with any litigation.

Peyman told LEX 18 he's not in favor of any restrictions. He said if the only guns allowed were six-shot revolvers the "bad guys {would still} walk in with AK-47's."

"Once they outlaw them how many do they think they're really going to get," Peyman said. "If push comes to shove it's going to take a while. They're not going to come tomorrow."


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