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Oct 27, 2012 9:55 PM

Kentucky Utilities Workers To Help Hurricane Sandy Victims

Kentucky Utilities lineman have been sent to the east coast in preparation for the expected damage to come along with hurricane Sandy.

The high winds and torrential rains of Hurricane Sandy are expected to combine with a winter weather system over the east coast in the coming days.

A combination expected to bring down trees and power lines.

"When different utilities have trouble, they call us for help," says Mike Howard with Kentucky Utilities.

Men with Kentucky Utilities packed their bags Friday night. They will help in the post-storm recovery and hopefully provide a morale lift to their fellow lineman in the hardest hit locations. "When you're down and you've been up for days then you see trucks rolling in, it kind of gives you a little boost," says Howard.

Howard is among a handful of men selected by his company to go. The job means not seeing family or friends for as lon gas two weeks. They'll be stringing power lines and places poles after the storm.

There's a lot of uncertainty about what they will be doing, where exactly they'll be and what they will be facing. "Sometimes you end up in a jam, sometimes in a church, sometimes in a motel. We're hoping for a motel," says Howard.


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