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Apr 13, 2011 3:00 PM by Alan Cutler

Knight And Jones Staying?

Are they staying or going?

Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones have tough decisions. Become an instant millionaire or come back to Kentucky for your sophomore season.

Cal has talked to both of his freshman and many in the NBA.

" It's still too early to tell how all of this will play out," says Cal.

"I've talked to 12 G.M.'s or (NBA) Presidents myself."

"So, if anyone says they are going for this and you talk to that team and they say, well, we are not taking either one. Or you think they are going here and they say we have a serious interest. So it's all over the map yet. It's not quiet there yet where I can tell you it's a lock they are doing this."

What a difference from last season when UK had five first round draft choices.

"I knew last year. I knew last year. I knew that Patrick (Patterson) was going to fall anywhere from 12 to 15. That even Eric Bledsoe, we knew 17 to 22. We knew it was in there somewhere. Daniel Orton we didn't quite know. But we knew he'd be early second round if he didn't hit the first round. We know Enes (Kanter) will be in the top 3 picks. But, from there, we are still trying to get it all figured out."

If the season is over expect the obvious every season, talk about UK players going to the NBA every year. It's exactly what Cal wants.

"The best thing I can tell you about the NBA rumors, we want them every year for these players. That these players have, that means we are recruiting the right guys."

You might end up saying thing about Cal every year. That no one should be surprised if his name is linked to one or more NBA teams after Kentucky plays their last game of the season.

"The NBA rumors about me? Some of them are just generated to effect the train. Because the train is running people over now. And they have to get this thing off the track. "

What a strong comment. Cal knows that there are those that try to knock him down in recruiting. Other coaches might say don't go to Kentucky because Cal is leaving.

"So you say NBA. Well when I was at Memphis and Massachusetts, there would be well he is going to this job, that job or that job. Then it became well he is going to the NBA. I would tell you here, he is not going to another college job can you. You can't say that. They would laugh at you. Why would you leave here for another college job. So now it's, he's going to the NBA."

"So you say to me I have the fire to go up there. No I don't. No I don't. I can't promise that I will never ever have an opportunity that I won't look at and say maybe I should do this."

You can't expect an answer that is more honest than that from any coach.


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