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Nov 16, 2012 5:33 PM

KSP Dedicates Coffee Tree To Victims Of Tornado In Morgan County

The rebuilding continues in Morgan County since the deadly March 2 tornado. Friday afternoon, Kentucky State Police dedicated a tree to the community so generations can remember and share stories of that storm that changed so many lives.

Old Mill Park in West Liberty is nestled by the river side. A peaceful place, it will now be a place where people can reflect about the storm, and remember the six people in Morgan County who lost their lives. Kentucky State Police dedicated the coffee tree sapling to the community.

"The strength of the tree and the resilience of the tree comes from the parts we don't see," says KSP Commissioner Rodney Brewer.

A young sapling now, the tree will one day grow into a coffee tree, which is the state tree of Kentucky. The largest one on record in the commonwealth, used to be in front of the courthouse. It was destroyed in the storm.

"This was the first county I worked in when I started in the State Police, so I have strong emotional ties," says Commissioner Brewer.

Troopers were on the ground right away, and it's still deeply personal for those who responded. It was the kind of day, they say, that reminds you why you chose your job.

"You get focused on a task like this, and you realize there's no room for error, and you have to do everything by these people no matter what it takes," says Lt. Sean Welch with KSP.

And as the tree grows, so too will its home.


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